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Why Aschiana?

Our Philosophy people ask the question ‘Why don’t these children attend a government school?’ The children that attend ASCHIANA are providing an income for their families. Many of these children have lost a parent/s and become the main income earner for the family. The work that they do on the streets shoe polishing, selling of small items, burning incense etc generates an average income of 1000afs (USD 20) a month.  This amount is not enough to feed a family, leaving no money to provide the essential items that are needed to attend school such as books, clean clothes and shoes.

ASCHIANA provides pens, paper and textbooks in addition to soap, toothpaste and clothing for the children, with every child receiving a basic meal at lunch. Classes operate in two shifts, morning and afternoon. This allows the children to receive and education while at the same time being able to continue to earn an income for their families.

Due to the policies of past governments these children have been deprived of access to education, so children having learning levels well below their actual age.  It is the aim of the staff at ASCHIANA to get the children to a level, both educationally and socially, so that they may integrate into a government school and complete their education or for older children enter a vocation.

More than just ABC also provides access for their students to Health Professionals, each centre has access to a Doctor once a week and each centre has a full time Social Worker to assist in the mental health development of the children and liaise with their families.

In keeping with ASCHIANA’s policy of a well rounded education the children also participate in a physical education program.  For many of the female students’ being within the walls of ASCHIANA is the only opportunity they have to engage in this kind of activity.  Volleyball is one of the more popular activities amongst both boys and girls.

Also on offer are recreational programs such as craft activities that allow children to take time out, and play.   A task that is not always so simple in the lives of these children.