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Aschiana takes a holistic approach to all its programming. By providing a well rounded group of programs covering everything from education, vocational training, life skills and psychosocial support, the children receive more than just basic education.
These programs have been modified and developed over the years creating an environment for the children where all their needs are taken into consideration and the highest level of support can be offered.

Basic Education
On entry to the program children’s educational levels are assessed and students are placed into a class based on their current ability.  Current programming encompasses Dari, Pashto, Numeracy and Religion.
Life Skills
ASCHIANA takes a holistic approach to educational delivery and incorporates life skills programming to assist in the development of the children.  Current programming encompasses Physical Education, Health, Land Mine Awareness, Traffic Training, Peace Education, Personal Development and Design and Technology.
Vocational Training
In order to provide a sustainable livelihood for youth, ASCHIANA provides vocational training opportunities in the areas of Tailoring, Bicycle Repair, Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy, Carpentry, Electrical Repair, Masonry, Welding, Information Technology, Cooking, Traditional Instrument Making and Plumbing.
Child Abuse Prevention
To work towards meaningful change in the lives of children, ASCHIANA staff work with the family members of students to educate people about the effects of child abuse and neglect.  Staff collaborate with the families to develop alternate strategies in areas such as behavior management to provide tangible solutions.
ASCHIANA provides an enrichment and therapeutic environment by utilizing art, drama, music and storytelling enabling children to have the opportunity to develop their own unique voice with which to express themselves.  ASCHIANA is a safe space is for children to explore their own personal experiences, allowing them to come to terms with the traumatic events that they have experienced.
ASCHIANA caters for 3500 children through it’s street outreach program for children living in the IDP (internally displaced people) camps unable to access the centers providing them with basic education, recreation and health education.

Children with Special Disability
ASCHIANA provides children with literacy recreational activities with different physical games to keep them busy mentally.
Other Programs
• Juvenile  Justice  Program
• Micro Credit Training for Women
• Children’s Development Bank


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